92% of customers would recommend Eclipse

26th June 2013

London, UK

A new partnership between Eclipse Internet and independent review site Reevoo sees customer’s being given the opportunity to share their experiences and the reality of the service that Eclipse provides.
With the choice available to customers, when looking to find their ideal connectivity and communications provider, many now turn to other’s recommendations to help ensure they make the right choice.

Combine that with independent reviews being trusted 2.1 times more than something a company says about themselves and these really do become a powerful tool to tell the difference between companies that provide a great service and those that just talk about it.

Pete Tomlinson, Director of Sales and Marketing says “It’s great to see how many happy customers that we have at Eclipse, many businesses will shy away from launching a review strategy in fear of any negative comments, but if you’re confident in the service that you provide, even a negative comment can help you to keep improving.”

Reevoo provides the collection and delivery of customer feedback and comments covering both product and service ratings, ensuring that reviews are totally independent and most importantly straight from the customer’s mouth.

Pete comments “Reviews are such an important part of the changing habits of how people make a decision before purchasing, I know when I’m ready to make a purchase, google and the experiences of others are key in my final choice. Through us using an independent approach, we gain a true and un-bias opinion of our products and customer experience. This is a really exciting addition for us and we can’t wait to use it to share experiences and ensure that as a business we continually improve”.

Peter Simpson, CMO and VP of Alliances of Reevoo, said: “Customer reviews and ratings are becoming a must-have for retailers as it is a vital part of a consumers online purchase journey. Reevoo is working with online retailers to help provide consumers with honest information to help make the best possible purchase decision. We are delighted to be working with Eclipse to help achieve this goal.”

Eclipse started publishing their customer reviews on their website on 24th June providing visitors with access to product reviews, the ability to ask existing product owners questions and read general feedback and recommendation ratings.


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