Black & Decker maximises social commerce impact from day one of a product launch

2nd November 2011

Reevoo Launch delivers reviews from day one of launch without compromising integrity and authenticity of the reviews process

Black & Decker®, one of the world’s largest producers of power tools and accessories, has solved the conundrum of how to deliver launch day reviews for its flagship eVo Multi-tool product. Reevoo Launch has enabled Black & Decker® to solicit authentic consumer reviews of the tool before it was widely available, giving the product a sales boost in the days and weeks immediately following its launch.

Sourcing consumer reviews pre-launch is increasingly vital because almost nine out of ten consumers – 88% – will buy a new product only after reading reviews, yet the margin on some types of product decreases rapidly in the weeks and months after launch. This accessibility of reviews on launch day is therefore critical for creating the maximum impact from social commerce and for maximising revenue.

Reevoo solicits reviews ahead of a launch by working with the partner or brand to offer engaged customers a product in return for an honest review. For absolute transparency, this process is made clear to readers above each and every review collected in this way.

Daniel Kennedy, Digital Services Manager EMEA for Stanley Black & Decker Inc., said:

“The early customer advocacy that Reevoo Launch makes possible is of real benefit to us. We wanted to reassure consumers that although the new eVo Multi-tool combines numerous individual tools it still maintains the level of quality that our consumers have come to expect from Black & Decker.

“Although we are remote from the actual sale to a consumer, our research and analytics show that we are now being included in the purchase process. What’s more, using Reevoo Launch has been a Black & Decker brand-building activity in itself,” he added.

Richard Anson, co-founder and CEO of Reevoo, said: “Reevoo Launch enables our customers to protect their margins and sell while their products are hottest. It also means getting a head start on competitors – this runs across all marketing channels as review content is syndicated instantly to all marketing campaigns. With user-generated content being the SEO equivalent of gold dust, it’s easy to see why Black & Decker is so pleased with its deployment of Reevoo Launch.”

The Reevoo-collected reviews are displayed across nine of Black & Decker’s international sites using automated translations to ensure maximum value is extracted from every review.


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