BlueBay Group chooses Reevoo for social commerce to support online bookings across Spain and the Caribbean

31st October 2012

London, UK

• International hotel customers will leverage reviews and ratings made by verified guests in 5 languages – Spanish, English, French, German and Russian

• Social commerce solutions from Reevoo turn reviews into valuable business insights to help BlueBay assess customer strategy and increase conversion

• BlueBay Group looks to improve its search engine rankings with Reevoo-enabled, search-optimised social content

Reevoo, the cloud-based social commerce solution provider, today announces an agreement with the international hotel chain BlueBay Hotels & Resorts to incorporate its complete series of social commerce solutions with the hotel chain’s existing comprehensive online offering. The partnership will serve to bolster BlueBay Group’s online customer reach and engagement, and will help facilitate direct bookings across destinations in Spain and the Caribbean.

By providing access to verified ratings and reviews of BlueBay Hotels directly on the international hotel chain’s existing site, Reevoo will enable BlueBay customers to read transparent hotel reviews from verified users using Reevoo Mark, ask questions to guests using Reevoo Conversations, in order to ultimately make informed decisions in choosing a preferred hotel accommodation. Additionally, with Reevoo Reputation, holidaymakers will be able to view satisfaction ratings and likelihood of future bookings based on verified users’ feedback relating specifically to booking experiences on BlueBay.
In order to meet the needs of international travellers, Reevoo will collect ratings and reviews from verified guests in 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Russian.

The social content collected from verified travellers will also be used by BlueBay Group as an unrivalled source of insights towards continuously improving the customer experience. Thanks to Reevoo Analytics and its powerful tracking, reporting and benchmarking tools, BlueBay will be able to leverage this user-generated content to assess the performance of its social commerce solutions, identify unseen opportunities and quickly react to potential issues.

Reevoo Traffic will allow BlueBay to reap the SEO benefits of including user-generated content on the site, increasing the number of new visits and expanding the keyword reach.

Witold Kaczanowski, Director of Online Development at BlueBay Group commented: “At BlueBay, we value our guests’ opinion and we are always looking to offer our customers a superior booking and hospitality experience based on their comments. Increasingly, people want to be reassured about their purchases, especially in the travel market, where much of the product and service purchases are intangible until the moment of arrival. Reevoo’s solutions turn our guests’ feedback into a distinctive quality mark for existing as well as new customers, and take the guesswork out of holiday hotel booking. In this way, the benefits of partnering with Reevoo are twofold: we’re able to provide our guests with a great experience right from the moment they visit our website while substantially increasing the number of conversions.”

Steve Hurn, CEO at Reevoo, added: “Today, more people than ever rely on feedback from other holidaymakers when booking travel and hotel accommodations online. Verified reviews play a key role in this process and displaying them on the website is becoming a competitive differentiator. We are happy to enable BlueBay’s customers to make an informed, social decision when booking holiday travel and to relax from the moment of booking.”


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