21st June 2017

Dacia teams up with Reevoo

June 21st, 2017 - Dacia UK has partnered with Reevoo, the customer engagement and review platform, allowing its customers to provide ratings and reviews of its vehicles on its website for the very first time. The platform goes live on www.dacia.co.uk today.

Through the Reevoo platform, Dacia customers can post uncensored reviews allowing an open, unbiased and honest experience – so prospective Dacia buyers can rest assured they’ll be receiving genuine information.

Having reached the impressive milestone of selling 100,000 cars in the UK since its launch here just four years ago, Dacia’s partnership with Reevoo will allow its customers to give honest and straightforward opinions and advice to prospective customers.

Each Dacia vehicle will be given an overall product score, as rated by customers. Every Reevoo-verified response can also be found in search engine results making it easier than ever for a new buyer to see exactly what existing owners think.

James Boyer, Marketing Director, Groupe Renault UK, said:

“Dacia has achieved record-breaking sales growth through a range of quality cars at unbelievable prices. By partnering with Reevoo, we are giving our owners an independent and trusted forum to share their experiences, whilst simplifying and enriching the online research phase for those considering a Dacia as their next car.” 

Jonathan Callcut, CEO at Reevoo, said:

“Making a car purchase requires a lot of decision making, and considering that 92% read customer reviews prior to following through with a purchase, UGC has never been more important. Reevoo will help Dacia UK inspire, educate and convince its key audiences so that they make well-informed purchase decisions. The credibility of these transparent communications will increase brand loyalty going forward and ultimately boost overall organisational success.” 

Responding to the growing consumer desire for independent and transparent product reviews, Reevoo’s user-generated content model enables brands to influence potential car buyers in a personal and trustworthy way which perfectly fits Dacia’s philosophy of simple and straightforward motoring.


About Reevoo

Millions of shoppers use Reevoo to make better buying decisions in their everyday lives. Hundreds of brands all over the world use our solutions to get a better idea of what makes their customers tick.
It’s our transparent and independent approach that makes the difference – we believe honest communication between brand and shopper is better for both.

Reevoo was started by Richard Anson, Ben Griffiths and Guy Logan in 2005 to help customers choose what to buy – not just where or when.

Today, Reevoo is seen in more than 60 countries and in 30 different languages.

About Dacia

Dacia has a long history associated with Renault, the French brand first working with Dacia plants in Romania in the 1960s, before acquiring them fully in 1999.

The brand concept is simple: to shake up preconceived ideas. Dacia produces spacious, robust, high-quality vehicles of original design that are affordable for everybody.

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