22nd February 2018

Reevoo sets the standard for effective review syndication

LONDON, UK Review syndication has been in the news recently – something that sits at the heart of our proposition. We believe that the same reviews and scores should be visible on a product page, whether on a manufacturer or a retailer’s website.

Reviews are now an integral part of the purchase journey. Consumers don’t ask for much – they expect reviews to be genuine, and to be relevant to the product or service they’re reading about. But if you take a closer look, you often find comments about a different seller when reading about a product (on Amazon for example), or someone talking about features that aren’t available on the specific model or variation being considered.

If the consumer’s experience is the most important consideration, then review syndication should be mandatory and automatic. This is core to any ratings & reviews system – not an additional feature or something with an opt-out option.

We’ve shared in the past our tips for getting reviews syndication right. We have four golden rules:

  1. Make sure reviews are consistent across the board.
  2. Ensure good product matching.
  3. Make sure your own manufacturer’s site stays populated.
  4. Provide syndication across international markets.

In the constantly evolving purchase journey, consumers don’t just expect the retailer to provide customer opinion on their products and services. People buy from brands, whether that brand made the product or just resells it.

Brands need to take back control of the purchase journey by putting their customers in the driving seat. Why would you choose to not display trustworthy customer content that supports your brand message at every stage?



About Reevoo

Millions of shoppers use Reevoo to make better buying decisions in their everyday lives. Hundreds of brands all over the world use our solutions to get a better idea of what makes their customers tick.

Its our transparent and independent approach that makes the difference we believe honest communication between brand and shopper is better for both.

Reevoo was started by Richard Anson, Ben Griffiths and Guy Logan in 2005 to help customers choose what to buy not just where or when.

Today, Reevoo is seen in more than 60 countries and in 30 different languages.

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HANNAH MURRAY-SYKES, Head of Marketing, Reevoo
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