Freeview chooses Reevoo to help guide customers to the right digital TV product

17th August 2012

London, UK

Freeview integrates social commerce to provide customers with peer reviews of products

Digital TV service Freeview is to integrate Reevoo’s consumer review solutions into its ‘choose a product’ pages, helping to guide its customers to the right Freeview product for them. Genuine customer reviews are expected to provide particular reassurance and assistance to less technology-adept customers in what can be a complex choice.

Since the digital switchover programme began the TV market has changed. There are a wide variety of products and services on offer, and on top of this, new technologies are being developed all the time such as high-definition and 3D television. Every customer will soon have to purchase a digital TV product or service, and Reevoo’s independent, verified reviews will help customers upgrading their television equipment as well as customers who are simply looking to improve their viewing experience through new technologies and services.

Adrian Mack, New Media Manager at Freeview, commented: “Freeview’s product listings are about getting the best Freeview experience, and Reevoo will help guide our customers to the right product for them, at competitive prices. Reevoo provides independent reviews from registered owners and trusted retailers, which will deliver valuable help to our customers, for many of whom the prospect of buying ‘technology’ may be quite daunting. This is social commerce at work in a positive way; consumers helping other consumers make a purchase.”

Reevoo CEO, Steve Hurn, said: “To today’s customer, an authentic peer review is worth far more than any amount of marketing communication; people are looking for guidance, not just a description. A review can provide things that a description of functionality never can: trust and reassurance. People trust other people, and bringing this social element to buying reassures customers they are making the right choice. Trust increases customers’ loyalty towards the brand and enables Freeview to provide better services, adjusted to their customer’s needs.”


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