Honda drivers take the front seat

20th March 2015

London, UK

Honda (UK) today announced a partnership with UK-based ratings & reviews service provider Reevoo.

The partnership will see Reevoo collecting owner ratings, reviews and content based around Honda’s range of vehicles. The impartial nature of Reevoo’s reviews means Honda will provide its customers with unedited reviews from verified owners.

“Honda is really excited to work with Reevoo. They’re the gold standard in automotive ratings & reviews, and we’re confident that the positive experiences Honda drivers have will really shine through when we give them a chance to talk about us,” said Olivia Dunn, Head of Marketing for Honda UK.

“Customer advocacy is important to us – we want to help prospective customers make better decisions, and there’s no better way to do that than let our owners do the talking.”
Honda is the 8th largest car company in the world, selling 4.3 million cars a year. The brand’s increased focus on customer advocacy is timed to coincide with a new range of Honda cars to be released in 2015.

“A partnership with a respected brand like Honda is a significant achievement for Reevoo. It’s encouraging that big brands like this are seeing the importance of authentic user generated content,” said Reevoo CEO Jonathan Callcut.

“The reason they chose us over the competition is not only the high level of consumer trust in Reevoo’s independent, branded approach, but also the partnership approach embedded into our unique managed service program. It means we’ll work alongside Honda to get the most out of customer advocacy. That’s not just online but in every aspect of the business.”


About Reevoo

Are customers at the heart of your business? Reevoo helps brands turn the voice of the customer into business value through independently collected user generated content.

Reevoo’s Ratings & Reviews, Social and Customer Intelligence products work together to help your business engage with, listen to and learn from your customers.

And displaying Reevoo’s third party Trustmark means your brand will become synonymous with transparency, openness and trust.

If customers are at the heart of your business, Reevoo is your natural partner.

For more information contact:
Marina Cheal
VP Marketing, Reevoo

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