Jardine Motors Group Encourages User Reviews

12th November 2013

London, UK

Jardine Motors Group, including Lancaster, one of the leading automotive dealership groups in the UK, will be launching a new social commerce platform on its website on 13th November, allowing consumers to review the customer service received from the dealer.

The software is provided by Reevoo, an independent social commerce business that specialises in collecting and publishing customer reviews and recommendations. By incorporating the Reevoo software on its website, Jardine Motors can provide motorists with honest and accurate user experience reviews.

Customers who purchase a vehicle from Jardine Motors Group will be sent a questionnaire requesting feedback on the customer service received. These results are populated onto the Jardine Motors website and accessible to anyone viewing the site.

Mark Herbert, Chief Executive, Jardine Motors Group said: “We are delighted to offer this additional platform on the Jardine Motors Group website. Customer experience reviews are becoming an increasingly powerful research tool for consumers, so it is vital for us to make this information easily-accessible to aid our customer’s decision-making process. We have complete confidence in the service provided by our dealerships through our team of over 2,500. Considering we deliver more than 50,000 vehicles over the course of a year there will always be the odd occasion when we don’t get it right first time. By giving consumers the ability to rate their sales experience we can ensure we correct those few mistakes, continually improve and deliver outstanding customer service across our 74 locations.”

To read reviews of Jardine Motors Group please visit Jardine Motors Reviews.


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