Peugeot connects with car drivers and buyers using Reevoo

23rd October 2013

London, UK

Europe’s second biggest car manufacturer Peugeot has teamed up with pioneers of online ratings and reviews, Reevoo, to integrate customer opinion into its online experience.

Reevoo will collect and display reviews from verified Peugeot owners on, allowing potential car buyers to hear from existing drivers during their decision making process. Reevoo’s implementation will also include an ‘Ask An Owner’ feature, where customers looking to purchase a car can ask a question online to be answered by a Peugeot owner who has left a review.

Reevoo’s unique methodology represents a completely independent approach to ratings and reviews for Peugeot. Reevoo will proactively ask car buyers for a review, and all reviews will be displayed without editing or censorship. Peugeot is confident that displaying customer opinions impartially will raise engagement with existing car owners and potential purchasers.

Peugeot believes its greatest salespeople are the people that drive its cars.

“There’s no better way for us to celebrate the relationship we have with our customers than to let them do the talking. We’re excited to see the conversation develop.”

Peugeot anticipates the emerging shift to online word of mouth to be an important aspect of the new customer purchase journey.

“We know the value of honest personal recommendations. We also know that people do a lot of research online. In combining the two, we’re confident of seeing more customers booking test drives as a result of engaging with our new online ratings and reviews.”

Reevoo CEO Jonathan Callcut believes implementing its ratings and reviews service is a positive move for Peugeot.

“You can’t be completely honest with your customers if you haven’t got a good product. Luckily, Peugeot make brilliant vehicles and as a result, they have a lot of very happy owners. We’re going to tap in to that great sentiment and build an unprecedented level of trust between Peugeot and its customers by breaking down the communication barrier between existing and potential owners.”

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