Reevoo and IBM help The Jewellery Channel Analyse Consumer Sentiment to Engage Customers and Build Trust

18th July 2013

London, UK

Big data analytics help retailer improve the customer experience based on social media contributions

Reevoo, the cloud-based social business solutions provider, announces today that it has embedded IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search, Version 3.0 into Reevoo Insight as used by online retailer The Jewellery Channel.

Robby Sur, Head of eCommerce at The Jewellery Channel commented: “Implementing Reevoo Ratings & Reviews on our website has helped us engage with our customers and build trust. We are now keen to use Reevoo Insight to deliver intelligence to our business and improve our sales efficiency by understanding what matters most to our customers, whether they are shopping online, through the TV channel, or a product catalogue.”

Reevoo Insight empowers customer-centric decision-making and strategy development across the organization. It also delivers clear actionable intelligence based on the analysis of internal business data and the structured and unstructured social feedback gathered from verified customers.

The Jewellery Channel can leverage the sophisticated capabilities of IBM Content Analytics to access, aggregate and analyze unstructured content, understanding the meaning and context of human language within textual information found in both internal and external sources.

The sentiment and natural language processing performed by Reevoo Insight with IBM Content Analytics not only unveils trends, patterns, issues and opportunities but also quickly identifies the root causes of why key metrics are changing. All the results are then made available through a series of user-friendly, visual actionable insights, customized for different roles.

Peter Simpson, CMO of Reevoo, commented: “In today’s global environment, valuable information could be found in multiple repositories that usually are not interconnected. It’s the hot topic of Big Data and how to unlock its power by taking action. Reevoo Insight with IBM Content Analytics embedded is the right solution for companies that want to stay ahead of competition by responding quicker to customer needs.”

IBM Content Analytics, a key component of the IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) portfolio, is a platform designed to derive rapid insight from unstructured information and is part of the Smarter Commerce initiative.

The IBM Smarter Commerce initiative features software and services that help companies transform their business processes to more quickly respond to shifting customer demands in today’s digitally-transformed marketplace.


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