Reevoo applauds brands committed to integrity

22nd September 2015

London, UK

Consumer champion Reevoo has officially congratulated the 250 brands signed up to its review service in the wake of the recent firestorm over fake reviews.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority has recently issued a warning to businesses dealing in fake online reviews or endorsements.

The BBC’s Rip Off Britain has also highlighted the issue, including Reevoo as an example of a trusted review source.

Reevoo works with global companies to gather real reviews about their products, direct from confirmed customers.
Reevoo’s VP of Innovation Edwin Bos told the BBC, clients that sign up with Reevoo are showing a commitment to their customers.

“I think companies are brave to sign up with Reevoo because it does mean everything is there…it’s quite good because they see transparency is key. They need to know that the readers of reviews can trust what they’re reading and there’s no manipulation”.

Pat Foley from Reevoo client American Golf stressed the importance of impartiality.

“I think it’s absolutely important that we publish all reviews – good and bad. They must be honest, they must be impartial – we only want to present legitimate feedback from our customers. A genuine customer review is in effect another silent salesperson.”

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About Reevoo:

Millions of shoppers use Reevoo in order to make better buying decisions in their everyday lives. Hundreds of brands all over the world use our solutions to get a better idea of what makes their customers tick.

It’s our transparent and independent approach that makes the difference – we believe honest communication between brand and shopper is better for both.

Reevoo was started in 2005 to help customers choose what to buy – not just where or when. Today, Reevoo is seen in more than 30 countries and in 60 different languages.

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