Reevoo calls on Amazon to remove unverified reviews

22nd November 2013

London, UK

As the biggest online retail day of the year approaches, Reevoo calls for Amazon to remove unverified reviews from its website.

Peer-to-peer ratings and reviews are the most trusted source of online shopping information in the buying journey. But fake reviews are a nuisance that won’t go away and are a real threat to consumers. They dissolve trust in online reviews and can be
to both sellers and buyers.

We are asking the world’s largest online retailer Amazon to remove all unverified reviews. Consumers deserve the right to honest feedback and genuine reviews.

Fake reviews are bad. They are bad for consumers and bad for business. The problem is escalating with 15% of online reviews expected to be fake by 2014 according to Gartner. All hope is not lost however as people, government bodies and consumer groups start to take a stance against fake reviews. Laws are being introduced and punishment being enforced. The New York Attorney General recently issued hefty fines to 19 businesses found guilty of writing fake reviews and creating fake accounts.

Just last week, Australian consumer group Choice issued a public warning to be wary of fake reviews when booking a trip this holiday season.

And some companies, such as Reevoo, is trying to ensure consumers only read genuine reviews from people that have actually purchased the product and have a real experience to base their judgement on. That is one of the reasons why major brands and companies, such as Which? partner with us.

Reevoo CMO Peter Simpson says its important consumers know exactly what they are buying and have confidence in their purchase. “Consumer opinion is a powerful and influential tool and therefore it needs to be handled with integrity and honesty. I would like to see Amazon follow the example set by Reevoo clients and only publish reviews collected from genuine customers”.

At Reevoo, we just want people to see what is real. Read what is true so they can make a decision based on the genuine opinions of others.

We ask Amazon and all providers of online reviews, to do the same.


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