Reevoo extends the power of trusted reviews beyond websites and into the offline world with Reevoo Everywhere

12th March 2013

Miami, USA and London, UK

Reevoo, the cloud-based social business solutions provider, is now offering businesses the ability to maximise sales and marketing effectiveness by bringing the authentic voice of the customer into multi-channel activities, marketing campaigns and new product launches with Reevoo Everywhere.
When incorporated into a website, opinions from verified customers are proven to boost consumer engagement, conversion rates, sales and bookings. Reevoo Everywhere extends the benefits of trusted reviews and ratings beyond the website and into the offline world, helping marketers create a consistent and seamless shopping experience across multiple channels and touchpoints.

Inserting reviews into all different marketing and sales activities helps brands make messages aimed at customers and prospects more compelling and relevant, resulting in targeted campaigns that lead to increased impact and sales.
To respond to different business needs and help companies leverage the value of ratings and reviews across online and offline campaigns, Reevoo Everywhere has been designed around three key use cases:

1. Omni-channel commerce

Consumers expect a cross-channel experience encompassing the web, catalogues, mobile devices, kiosks and franchises. Reevoo Everywhere helps brands deliver a consistent experience to omni-channel shoppers. Ratings and reviews can be published in a catalogue, taken into the store and placed directly on the shelves or delivered wirelessly to any device. From NFC (Near-Field-Communication) to QR (Quick-Response) code tagging, Reevoo Everywhere supports a complete range of mobile solutions, delivering a tailored mobile-optimised experience.
Kris Abbott, e-commerce manager at Alfresco comments: “Printed brochures are a valuable marketing vehicle and often customers use them to gain inspiration, prior to going online for further research. Incorporating Reevoo’s ratings and reviews into both the brochure and website naturally complements the customer journey by helping travellers identify their next holiday destination.”

2. Marketing campaigns

Reevoo Everywhere integrates with different media placements, from printed advertising to TV commercials to online advertising (banner ads, rich media ads, text ads) on major publishing sites, to ad networks, re-targeting platforms and Google AdWords. Reevoo Everywhere enhances the performance of a marketing campaign with compelling messages charged with true emotion and earnest advocacy from real purchasers.
John Bach, head of customer communications at KIA Motors UK, comments: “Our latest ad campaign focuses on the KIA range but also on the accolades – the ratings and reviews that we received. This encourages people to go online to read these reviews. The reason behind the emphasis on the reviews and recommendations is the credibility that it gives us as an organisation. The web traffic that we’ve generated to the review section of our website has been huge.”

3. New product launches

Reevoo Everywhere fast-tracks opinion collection for new products to provide verified consumer reviews right on launch day. These honest opinions, collected through a video interview, a written review or both, maximise sales for new products when margins are highest but buying confidence lowest. Additionally, video testimonials bring products to life adding personality and further credibility to written reviews.

Daniel Kennedy, digital services manager, EANZ at Stanley Black & Decker says: “The early customer advocacy that Reevoo Everywhere makes possible for new product launches is of real benefit to us. When we launched a new multi-tool we wanted to reassure consumers that, although the new device combines numerous individual tools it still performs at the level that our customers have come to expect. Reevoo Everywhere helped us to raise confidence since day one.”

Steve Hurn, CEO at Reevoo, comments: “Reevoo Everywhere demonstrates a new milestone in our offering. Not only does it help brands leverage the power of consumer opinions from verified customers beyond the website, but it also bridges the gap between different channels and between the online and offline worlds. Several of our clients have already experienced the benefits of Reevoo Everywhere and we are happy to deliver it now on a global scale.”


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