18th July 2017

Reevoo focuses on search with latest Experiences update

LONDON, UK – User-generated content collection platform Reevoo has launched the latest update of its Experiences product, with a focus on search optimisation.

Experiences generates customised, relevant and authentic user-generated content that fits a brand’s message – all while maintaining Reevoo’s philosophy of customer verification. The latest implementation option embeds the content within webpages, helping to drive traffic for additional search terms.

Will Vicary, technical director at SEO agency 3WhiteHats, said of the update:

“We worked with Reevoo to define a flexible SEO implementation, so that each client can easily leverage the Reevoo experiences product to increase their SEO visibility for a wider breadth of keywords, creating pages using solely this great, authentic user-generated content.”

Tour operator Titan Travel is the first Reevoo client to go live with this new feature. Dan Whitehouse, marketing director at Titan shared his enthusiasm for the project:

“Having this engaging content from our customers is great for the onsite experience, and being able to embed it in Reevoo’s latest display means that it’s feeding into our SEO strategy as well. Our reporting shows that we’re already starting to rank for some new keywords.”

Reevoo’s chief innovation officer, Edwin Bos, says the update is an exciting step for the company.

“We’re excited to be releasing our latest co-innovation – combining our clients’ content and SEO strategies to generate this tailored user-generated content. Customers are basically human keyword generators – so being able to harness that content for SEO is extremely powerful. Plus, it helps that the Experiences content we’re collecting for all our clients is absolutely breath-taking.”


About Reevoo

Millions of shoppers use Reevoo to make better buying decisions in their everyday lives. Hundreds of brands all over the world use our solutions to get a better idea of what makes their customers tick.
It’s our transparent and independent approach that makes the difference – we believe honest communication between brand and shopper is better for both.

Reevoo was started by Richard Anson, Ben Griffiths and Guy Logan in 2005 to help customers choose what to buy – not just where or when.

Today, Reevoo is seen in more than 60 countries and in 30 different languages.

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