Reevoo goes Stateside

5th September 2012

London, UK

Ratings and Reviews company reveals key factors in its international growth success

Reevoo, the social commerce solutions provider, has today announced the launch of its new office in the United States. Following success in Europe that saw bookings grow an impressive 390% year-on-year, and with new customers including Hertz, Hoseasons,, Sky, and Skype, the company is opening an office in Miami, Florida, USA.
The US market is particularly attractive for e-commerce companies; comScore recently found that e-commerce sales in America reached a value of $43.2 billion (£27.5 billion) in the second quarter of 2012.

Steve Hurn, CEO at Reevoo commented: “We are excited to enter the US market and to offer an option to businesses. International growth is a key part of our business plan, and our US office will allow us to better serve our new and many of our current customers in North America and South America.

“We allow brands to take control of the voice of their customers and achieve the full potential of social commerce. Furthermore, companies are able to draw insight from social content and apply it to all areas of the business. I am convinced we can help many other companies who are currently not seeing the promised conversion due to lack of content. We will be happy to replace their existing system for a Reevoo solution that will be cost-neutral to them.”

Reevoo reveals its unique model with the three elements and benchmarks that have helped it support their customers’ success: content, platform and brand.

Content: Companies should obtain depth and breadth of content. That is, ensure that they have reviews for a high percentage of their products, but also that there are enough reviews per product. Typically, an organization should expect for 75% of pages viewed to have content and aim for at least 20 reviews per page. Moreover, they should add new content regularly, in order to get better SEO results. In short, a social commerce solution should ensure rich, fresh, social content at the company’s fingertips. This content can then be used across the business by teams such as marketing, sales and customer service.

To extend reach and volume, many companies wish to use a network of partners. Reevoo’s platform enables brands to start distributing content through third parties such as distributors, immediately, without having to establish contracts or obtain approval with each individual partner. This network of content distribution is invaluable, particularly in such a wide and varied market as the United States.

Brand: Retailers and brands use social content to generate trust. Reevoo’s research shows that shoppers consistently trust independently collected reviews more than twice as much as reviews collected by the business being reviewed. Therefore, having the option of a branded solution for social commerce is a requirement that companies should ask for.


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