Reevoo helps Vauxhall Motors gear up its online customer engagement

8th May 2013

London, UK

Recognising the power of verified customer reviews when it comes to buying a new car, Vauxhall Motors, one of the UK’s biggest, most respected motoring brands, has selected Reevoo’s suite of cloud-based social business solutions.

Vauxhall chose Reevoo to collect online reviews and ratings, increase awareness of its latest car models and stimulate more conversations among its customers. Thanks to the “Ask on Owner” feature, potential buyers will be able to engage directly with current car owners and receive first-hand, genuine answers. Furthermore, Vauxhall will have the opportunity to join the conversation and respond directly to customer comments and provide them with any additional information they need.

“With 94% of car-buyers researching online before visiting a dealership, it is no wonder that the online review space is heating up with ratings and reviews quickly becoming a must-have to stay ahead of competition” said Steve Hurn, CEO of Reevoo. “We are really excited about working with Vauxhall to support its customers in their buying decision.”

Andy Freeman, Head of Digital and Relationship Marketing at Vauxhall commented, “Embedding true car owner opinions on our website is one example of our efforts to engage with consumers. Moreover, it represents a strong statement of confidence in both our brand and exciting new car range as we are asking our customers to be our advocates. Vauxhall has always proved to be an innovator and a leader, especially in the digital space. Being able to provide our customers with genuine and trust-worthy reviews is critical to us, which is why we chose Reevoo as our provider.”


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