Reevoo launches in Australia

7th August 2012

Sydney, Australia

Reevoo announces its expansion into Australia

Reevoo, the social commerce provider, is pleased to announce its expansion into
Australia. Reevoo’s products and services allow businesses to attract, convert and retain more customers thanks to reviews, recommendations, and questions and answers. This content can be embedded into a business’s website, mobile platform, its advertising, social media and any other channel.

Reevoo CEO Steve Hurn said: “Worldwide, the way consumers buy has evolved enormously and forward-looking businesses are adapting quickly to these changes. These are the businesses that are more likely to be successful. Reevoo has been in the vanguard of social commerce, with constant innovation and delivering best practice based on our experience.”

Social commerce refers to any user-generated content that influences the buying process, such as consumer reviews and recommendations, as well as consumer conversations.

“Commerce has always been social, in the form of individuals asking for recommendations from their friends and family,” said Mr Hurn.

“Now these exchanges are happening across multiple channels and touchpoints, and even between trusted strangers. These comments also enable organisations to engage with consumers on an individual level, listening to their feedback, supporting and influencing their purchase decisions every step of the way.

“Reevoo ensures customers are able to participate in these conversations while never straying far from your point of sale,” said Mr Hurn.

“Reevoo allows businesses to provide transparent, independent reviews, from verified buyers, which ultimately increases credibility, engages consumers and also increases the conversion rate.

“Our results show a proven success in Europe with an average 18% uplift in sales directly from the use of Reevoo’s solutions. Needless to say we are excited to be offering our services in Australia,” said Mr Hurn.

Reevoo comes to Australia with a long list of globally recognised brands in other regions who testify to the benefit of social commerce and Reevoo in particular. This list includes the likes of Black & Decker, Dixons, Orange and Sony.

With applications across the whole gamut of consumer industries, Reevoo’s key strengths and proven successes include the retail, automotive and travel sectors. Consumer feedback has never been more important in these markets.

“Australians are generally renowned for being early adopters of business trends and this is why we see a great market opportunity for Reevoo in the region. Australian consumers are also noted for demanding a certain level of fairness and this makes Reevoo a perfect fit for the Australian market,” said Mr Hurn.


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