Reevoo powers Bing and Yahoo merchant ratings

15th July 2015

London, UK

Ratings & reviews company Reevoo has inked an agreement with Microsoft to provide review content as a trusted partner to its Bing and Yahoo! search engines.

The agreement means Reevoo provides its verified reviews from confirmed customers to 96.7% of the search engine market according to October statistics from ComScore.

Reevoo’s Chief Product Officer Deepak Janakiraman said the deal was significant considering recent movements in the technology space.

“We’re seeing Apple moving away from Google and using Bing by default, which will affect how people search – especially on mobile. We want to provide content where it’s needed, and as such are excited to add Bing and Yahoo!
to our partnerships.”

Reevoo clients will get Bing Merchant Ratings as part of their existing service.


About Reevoo:

Are customers at the heart of your business? Reevoo helps brands turn the voice of the customer into business value
through independently collected user generated content.

Reevoo’s Ratings & Reviews, Social and Customer Intelligence products work together to help your business engage with, listen to and learn from your customers.

Displaying Reevoo’s third party trustmark means your brand will become synonymous with transparency, openness and trust. If customers are at the heart of your business, Reevoo is your natural partner.

For more information contact: MARINA CHEAL, SVP Marketing, Reevoo, +44 (0)20 7654 0350

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