Reevoo takes an Italian flavour with two new client wins

11th August 2014

London, UK

Leading ratings and reviews solution provider Reevoo this month strengthened its footprint in Italy, adding MoneyFarm and FasterPrint to its exciting list of clients.

MoneyFarm, a financial advisory company based in Milan, offers investment advice for smaller savers through a simple UX driven platform. Partnering with Reevoo will offer an additional level of transparency for its customers.

Reevoo has long been established in Italy but this is a significant first move into the Italian financial market.

FasterPrint, a leading player in Italy’s competitive printing market, will be provided with Product Reviews embedded into webpages for maximum search engine performance.

Reevoo CMO Peter Simpson commented, “These Italian deals highlight the flexibility and scalability of the solutions that Reevoo offers. We’re now working on a global scale, across many different industries without compromising our values or our speed of implementation.”

About Reevoo

Reevoo has pioneered a measurably better approach to ratings & reviews based on independent validation. We help our clients harness the Voice of the Customer to inject trust and buyer confidence across the entire, multichannel purchase journey. Our Amplify™ methodology sets us apart, providing more, richer and better-structured content to drive increased revenue and customer-driven insight.


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