Reevoo unveils new Reevoo Insight to harness social data and empower customer-centric decision-making across enterprises

14th January 2013

New York, USA and London, UK

• A social analytics solution that uncovers opportunities, trends, and issues, allowing businesses to accelerate responses to customer needs

• Visual dashboards turn data and market trends into actionable information on market, customers, products, service, and competitors

• Rich quality inputs encompassing large volumes of social feedback and business data gathered from verified customers through Reevoo platform

Reevoo, the cloud-based social business solution provider, today announces Reevoo Insight, a new real-time social analytics solution that empowers customer-centric decision-making and strategy development across the organisation, enabling companies to identify business opportunities and accelerate responses to customers needs before the customer disengages.

It is increasingly critical for companies across all industries to extract meaningful and actionable information from the growing volume of social data created in order to understand their customers better, react faster to shifting demands, and drive immediate results with fewer resources. Reevoo Insight analyses structured and unstructured feedback generated by verified purchasers and combines it with internal business data, peer-to-peer conversations and customer behavioural data to distil insights about customers, markets, supply chains and operations.

Based on powerful in-house proprietary algorithms, Reevoo Insight highlights the most important areas for businesses to react to, delivered via a series of complete and interactive reports in near real time, helping businesses to stay ahead of the competition.?Reevoo Insight delivers actionable information, removing the need for clients to invest significant resource in analysing data. Reports and the intuitive interface highlight the most relevant information companies need, including:

?Real-time insights on company and products

• Understand which products, features, and service elements drive customer satisfaction and sales

• Identify key drivers behind changes in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

• Track customers reaction to specific marketing campaigns

• Detect customer segments with high customer churn, and identify the reasons causing this in order to remedy the situation

Performance benchmarking

• Track brand performance versus competitors

• Maintain a robust picture of purchasers’ Key Purchase Criteria, across key features, functionality and service elements

• Identify areas of strength and weakness that differentiate a company from competition, all based on detailed quantitative analysis

Brand advocates and detractors?

• Understand what makes customer passionate about your brandIdentify top influencers across categories

• Flag dissatisfied customers and distil the factors driving discontent

Virtual focus panel?

• Engage with customers to get answers to crucial questions

• Drive innovation and product development based on a keen understanding of emerging customer needs

To accelerate understanding and facilitate immediate action from the different business areas, Reevoo Insight delivers its results through a series of visual dashboards tailored to the specific requirements of Marketing, R&D, Supply Chain and Merchandising, CRM, and Client Service. A sleek and intuitive interface highlights relevant actionable data such as best and worst performing items, brand advocates and detractors, NPS variations, and churn rate. The flagged information can be explored further, allowing users to focus on specific business problems by instantly accessing complete analysis on key characteristics and drivers behind the metrics.?In addition, scheduled alerts ensure that the right information is delivered to all relevant people within the business at the right time.

Roberto Mainardi, eCommunication & eTechnology Director at Acer, comments: “In the last months we have activated a series of channels to engage with our customers and listen to them. The amount of social data collected has been overwhelming and we are eager to see how Reevoo Insight would help to identify trends, expose hidden paths for growth, and support us in our decision-making process.

Steve Hurn, CEO at Reevoo, adds: “With Reevoo Insight we are taking social commerce to a new level. It is now time to build on what your customers are saying about you and your products. Reevoo Insight brings to light the value of this huge amount of social data by connecting the dots, identifying trends, and relating information together to create actionable insights. We are happy that big global brands in different verticals have already chosen to benefit from our solution to improve their real-time operations.”


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