Reevoo welcomes US court ruling on Bazaarvoice’s anti-competitive acquisition of PowerReviews

10th January 2014

New York, USA

Ratings and reviews company Reevoo supports the decision of the U.S. Department of Justice, which has ruled rival Bazaarvoice guilty of creating an anti-competitive market in North America.

Reevoo, a global company headquartered in the UK, offers ratings and reviews services built on a foundation of trust, and successfully competes with Austin based Bazaarvoice in international markets.

The market for consumer feedback is growing rapidly with many players in the market worldwide. The forthcoming remedies from the antitrust authority will aim to address the barriers that have prevented free and fair competition, allowing all rating and review platform providers to offer brands and retailers the broad choice they deserve.

The US Department of Justice said the $168.2 million transaction ‘substantially lessened competition’ in the ratings and reviews industry. The ruling is designed to restore fair competition within the marketplace.

“As shown during trial, Bazaarvoice executives clearly intended to eliminate competition by acquiring PowerReviews,” Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer said in a statement.

Reevoo supports any decision by the Department of Justice, which creates a fair and open marketplace in the US. “A single dominant player in the US market is not in the best interest of anyone,” said Reevoo
Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Callcut.

“Reevoo is a well-established ratings and reviews company servicing Enterprise businesses globally and welcomes the renewed push for fair competition. We are following this case with much interest and whole heartedly support any initiatives allowing brands and retailers greater choice,” Callcut said.

A remedies hearing is scheduled for January 22.


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