Reevoo’s API is taken to the next level

3rd June 2015

Ratings & reviews service provider Reevoo has taken its functionality to a new level, allowing logged-in customers to write reviews through its clients’ customer portals.

The first use of this new functionality went live on March 11, and complements Reevoo’s existing email review collection system. Reevoo’s verified ratings & reviews are traditionally collected by a questionnaire sent to confirmed purchasers via email.

Customers with access to a company’s portal can now write a review using the ‘Write a review’ link after logging in, and view or check the status of their review once written.

Reevoo VP of Innovation Edwin Bos says the move shows the possibilities of Reevoo’s API.

“We’re starting to see our clients exploring what they can do with the reviews, and I put that down to an increased focus on advocacy. By providing open access to our API, we’re allowing these companies to engage much more meaningfully with their customers in a way that suits them.”



Are customers at the heart of your business? Reevoo helps brands turn the voice of the customer into business value through independently collected user generated content. Reevoo’s Ratings & Reviews, Social and Customer Intelligence products work together to help your business engage with, listen to and
learn from your customers.

Displaying Reevoo’s third party trustmark means your brand will become synonymous with transparency, openness and trust. If customers are at the heart of your business, Reevoo is your natural partner.

For more information contact: MARINA CHEAL, VP Marketing, Reevoo, +44 (0)20 7654 0350

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