Reevoo’s Ask-An-Owner community hits seven figures

24th July 2014

London, UK

Perfect for summer, Reevoo’s pool holds a million

Ratings and Reviews pioneer Reevoo this week announced it has collected over one million opted-in customers willing to answer questions about products and services they own or have experienced.

Reevoo Conversations, an online tool facilitating customer Q&A through Ask-an-Owner, Ask-a-Customer and Ask-a Guest services on its clients’ websites, is now resourced by the personal experiences of over one million past customers.

Reevoo’s unique algorithm analyses each question and proactively requests an answer from the customers most suitable. This approach results in 78% of questions being answered by customers.

“Consumers want to hear the opinions of ‘people like them’ when making a purchase, that’s why we’ve seen a huge uplift in the amount of people reading and writing reviews online,” said Reevoo CMO Peter Simpson.

“Reevoo Conversations takes ratings and reviews to the next level, by allowing potential customers to ask existing ones questions about what they want to buy. We’re thrilled that people have embraced the concept, as evident by the huge community we’ve built. These people aren’t paid or incentivised in any way – it’s all about helping fellow customers. One million is a huge achievement,” Mr Simpson added.

Reevoo Conversations is currently used by brands such as Black & Decker, Lexus, Ebuyer, KIA, Dr. Martens and EE.

Click here to find out more about Reevoo Conversations.

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