Reevoo’s social engagement platform integrates with IBM Smarter Commerce offering and becomes “Ready for IBM Retail Industry Framework”

22nd January 2013

London, UK

Today Reevoo, the cloud-based social commerce solution provider, announced a series of new integrations with IBM Smarter Commerce, making Reevoo’s social engagement platform “Ready for IBM Retail Industry Framework”, IBM enterprise software architecture designed to facilitate the adoption of new customer-focused initiatives in the retail supply chain.

Reevoo’s social engagement platform addition to the IBM Retail Industry Framework will provide IBM’s retail customers with options to easily deploy Reevoo’s rich social content across different systems, enabling enterprises using IBM solutions to access higher value customer intelligence and attribution modelling, leading to improved customer experiences and more effective marketing. Reevoo will verify customer product and service reviews that, combined with a community of verified customers, will lead to increased sales, loyalty, and customer engagement across all consumers touch points and channels.

These integrations encompass WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 5, WebSphere Message Broker 8 and Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics) and fit seamlessly into IBM’s commitment to Smarter Commerce, which recognises a new breed of customer at the centre of all operations, empowered with technology and transparency to enable a heightened engagement with the company or brand.

Reevoo’s integrations will also further increase IBM Smarter Commerce value to the enterprise by expanding its ecosystem of social plug-ins.

Reevoo’s rating and reviews model ultimately enables businesses to deliver micro segmented, richer, and more personalised marketing campaigns. Its rich social content and verified customer intelligence and behavioural data enhances insights, contributing to IBM’s customer-centred approach and enabling more effective personalised marketing and an improved consumer purchase journey tailored to the individual.

Reevoo CEO, Steve Hurn, comments: “We are excited to be working with a market leader, complementing IBM’s offering to enterprise customers by being part of its ground-breaking Smarter Commerce portfolios. A customer review can provide intangible values that a simple description of functionality never can: trust and reassurance. People trust other people, and bringing this social element to buying reassures customers that they are making the right choice. Trust increases customers’ loyalty and enables IBM to optimise its service based on insight into customers’ wants and needs.”


Notes to editors:

Reevoo/IBM Integration notes are as follows per touch point:

• Rating & Reviews and Search: WebSphere Commerce sends Reevoo a secure feed containing purchase details enabling Reevoo to email customer to solicit reviewsand provides a accurate product catalogue data to allow Reevoo to model all products variants

• Optional server-side integration:For SEO optimised product pages and for some UX designs, Reevoo provides server-side integration SDK. For J2EE platforms this takes the form of an open-sourced server-side tag library with cache control and API calls. For Search & Navigation integration, review facet APIs are available (XML)

• Customer analytics and intelligence:

o Pre-integration with DDX and Tag Manager streamlines deployment of Reevoo into client’s web pages

o All interaction points with Reevoo’s products can be tracked within the host platform’s tracking framework; a series of hooks are provided for tracking integration

• Marketing & Promotion:

o Unica email can be utilised by Reevoo to email verified purchasers to solicit reviews and ratings, ‘Ask an Owner’ and other Reevoo products

• CRM Proposition: Customer interactions with the Reevoo platform are tracked and can be used within CRM applications

• Social network proposition: Includes Facebook integration using host site’s Facebook ID

• Reevoo Conversations: Integration with IBM Smarter Commerce loyalty programs for responsive and long-standing owner advocates

• Product data: Augmentation feeds into the Smarter Commerce product master data. Where there is knowledge of product meta-data, including product attributes and relationships, Reevoo is able to provide a full XML feed and subsequent RSS updates

• Inventory and Price Management: Reevoo is able to provide social data API feeds direct to IBM Smarter Commerce customer databases

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