Simpsons ŠKODA chooses Reevoo to promote franchise sales and service benefits

5th March 2012

London, UK

The north west’s largest ŠKODA dealer, Simpsons, has signed a deal with social commerce company Reevoo to help demonstrate to customers the value of buying from its franchised dealership rather than independent dealers or chains. Simpsons will use Reevoo’s solutions both to capture reviews of its cars and its after-sales service, and to leverage these reviews to inspire buyer confidence and increase sales.

Like many franchised dealers, Simpsons faces intense competition from independent dealers and chains. Simpsons’ strategy includes the use of ‘user-generated content’ – in the form of verified customer reviews – as a key digital marketing tool to demonstrate to customers the benefits of buying from a franchised dealership.

Simpsons managing director Neil Simpson said: “We believe that Reevoo’s social commerce solutions offer a great way for the quality of our cars and service to shine through. Using Reevoo we will bring valuable social content right to the heart of our site, where it will be easy for buyers and customers to find and benefit from it.”

“For most people, a car is a significant purchase and they need to be given confidence that they are making the right choice; this makes recommendations very important and powerful. Reevoo’s solutions will enable our prospective customers to get opinions and recommendations they can trust, from people that they don’t know personally,” he added.

Richard Anson, Reevoo’s founder and chief executive, said: “People rely on reviews and recommendations from other customers more than they rely on any other source of information. Particularly with a product like cars, people also need confidence in the after-sales experience – so it’s important that Simpsons will enable customers to review its service performance as much as the cars themselves.”

Reevoo will provide a range of functionality from its market-leading portfolio of social commerce solutions, including:

• Reevoo Mark – providing car reviews, all of which are from verified owners.

• Reevoo Reputation – enabling verified purchasers to write a review of the after-sales performance of Simpsons.

• Reevoo Brand Response – allowing Simpsons to respond immediately to issues raised in these reviews.

• Reevoo Conversations – in which Simpsons customers can engage in dynamic Q&A sessions with prospective buyers. Customer engagement like this helps increase conversion rates.

• Reevoo Traffic – an extension to Reevoo products in which keyword-rich, unique user-generated content – highly ranked by search engines – is used to boost natural web traffic. Making the company’s online presence more profitable and cost-effective in this way is achieved through Reevoo’s expert SEO implementation of reviews and conversations directly onto Simpsons’ product pages.

• Reevoo Social Reach – which enables customers to post their reviews of Simpsons to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, extending the valuable word-of-mouth effect.


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