Trouble for the smaller streamers as Apple Music comes to town

3rd July 2015

Spotify may survive the arrival of Apple Music, but will it be the smaller iPhone streaming services that see their following dry up?

Data collected by consumer reviews company Reevoo has revealed that 32% of people are prepared to try Apple Music, which launched Wednesday in the UK. With 41% of those already using Spotify, what does that mean for smaller, non-subscription based streaming platforms?

“With Apple Music being automatically included in the latest iOS update, those people looking for an app to listen to music to won’t need to look for one on the app store any more. That means smaller streaming apps that rely on that iPhone traffic may be in some trouble,” said Richard Anson, founder of Reevoo.

“Our research shows Spotify and Google Play make up the vast majority of the streaming market in the UK – leaving about 20% for these other, smaller services. We think they’re the ones that will feel the bite now that Apple Music has been released.”


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