Car dealer John Grose looks to engage with customers using social commerce

19th March 2013

London, UK

Auto dealer selling Ford, Citroen, Peugeot & Kia cars ?gives its customers a more social voice with Reevoo

Today John Grose, the multi-franchise UK automotive dealer group, has announced an agreement with social business solutions provider Reevoo to engage directly with car buyers. Customers of John Grose are now able to read other car owners’ reviews, ask other customers of the car dealership questions before making a purchase, then write reviews of the cars they have bought and the service they have received.

Reevoo’s expertise will ensure car buyers have a positive social experience with John Grose, by allowing them to connect directly with other users, ask questions about products and services, and ultimately make a fully informed decision on their purchases.

Reevoo have also given John Grose social reach, allowing car buyers and consumers to ‘like’ or share a page across their social networks, for example on their Facebook wall or ask their friends. As consumers spend increasing amounts of time on social networks, this extra exposure will ensure John Grose is front-of-mind when consumers are looking to buy a new car.

Through this improved engagement, Reevoo will be increasing John Grose’s click-through and conversion rates online, as a result of customer reviews, direct conversations, and activity on social networks.

Richard Howard, Group Sales Director at John Grose commented, “As a business, we see the value and importance of integrating social commerce into the way we work, and Reevoo’s host of tools allow us to simply and effectively implement this into our business. Ultimately, we want to help our customers, wherever they are online, and the car-buying process no longer revolves solely around the physical forecourt. The Internet, including the social Web, is now an indisputable part of the car buyers purchase journey. People are using it to full effect by writing honest reviews of cars they’ve bought and owned online and providing recommendations to friends. Car buyers will trust a manufacturer or a dealer up to a certain point, but what they really want to know is ‘will someone like me find this car suitable’. The social Web has given car buyers instant access to owners like them, and John Grose wants to be a facilitator in this process, connecting like-minded consumers.”

Steve Hurn, CEO of Reevoo commented, “We know that two thirds of car buyers read reviews before making a purchase and that consumers are more likely to buy from a site that offers customer reviews. The work we are doing with John Grose will mean car buyers will have a better experience when buying a new car. The automotive sector is traditionally based on personal relationships. Social commerce takes the best of the traditional and the new – connecting real people in the digital world to share knowledge about cars they have bought or are planning to buy in order to make the right decision.”

Research commissioned by Reevoo and conducted by GMI Research in March 2012, surveying a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK consumers.


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