Reevoo attracts new executive talent

18th June 2015

London, UK

Pioneer of ratings & reviews Reevoo this week announced a suite of new additions to its senior management team.

Andrew Jackson-Proes has also joined the company as Chief Commercial Officer. Mr Jackson-Proes previously held a number of high profile sales leadership positions in technology and enterprise marketing solution providers, from IBM to Localytics and Smartfocus.

“I am really excited to be joining Reevoo in an era of the empowered consumer, where brands are challenged to influence consumer behaviour directly using traditional means, and where earned media is becoming an increasingly critical part of the marketing mix,” said Mr Jackson-Proes. “Reevoo helps marketers and brands to do just that by capturing and displaying trusted and authentic content, created by consumers for consumers.”

Marina Cheal joined Reevoo in January and will now step up to SVP Marketing. Alongside overall marketing and communication responsibility, she will oversee rollout plans for a pioneering suite of new products and services focused around customer content and customer intelligence.

Marina has a wealth of experience in content and social marketing, having most recently managed a tech start-up in the content aggregation space, and has previously held a number of senior marketing and
digital product roles including Head of Digital at Which?


About Reevoo:

Are customers at the heart of your business? Reevoo helps brands turn the voice of the customer into business value through independently collected user generated content.

Reevoo’s Ratings & Reviews, Social and Customer Intelligence products work together to help your business engage with, listen to and learn from your customers.

Displaying Reevoo’s third party trustmark means your brand will become synonymous with transparency, openness and trust. If customers are at the heart of your business, Reevoo is your natural partner.

For more information contact: MARINA CHEAL, SVP Marketing, Reevoo, +44 (0)20 7654 0350

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